C# – LINQ’s SequenceEqual

By | 31/05/2023

In this post, we will see what LINQ’s SequenceEqual is and how we can use it in our code.But first of all, what is LINQ’s SequenceEqual?LINQ’s SequenceEqual is a method used to determine if the elements of two sequences are equal.It is important to highlight two things:1) it is possible to use any type of… Read More »

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Python – Method overloading

By | 17/05/2023

In this post, we will see how to overload methods in Python.We remember that, Method overloading, is a feature of object-oriented programming that allows a class to have multiple methods with the same name but, with different parameters. This can make code more concise and easier to read by reducing the number of method names… Read More »

Swift – Convenience Initializers

By | 03/05/2023

In this post, we will see what are the Convenience Initializers and how to use them in our Swift projects.But first of all, what are the Convenience initializers?In Swift, initializers are used to set up an instance of a class, structure, or enumeration with default values, as well as to allocate resources for that instance.There… Read More »

Python – How to manage a JSON file

By | 26/04/2023

In this post, we will see how to read values, change values, delete keys and add new keys in a JSON file.First of all, we define a JSON file like this: [USER.JSON] Then, we open Visual Studio Code and we create a file called readJson.py that we will use to manage the JSON file: READ… Read More »

SwiftUI – Charts

By | 19/04/2023

In this post, we will see how to use the Charts framework added in SwiftUI 4.But first of all, what is Charts?From Apple developer site:“Swift Charts is a powerful and concise SwiftUI framework for transforming your data into informative visualizations. With Swift Charts, you can build effective and customizable charts with minimal code. This framework… Read More »

Python – Multithreading (introduction)

By | 12/04/2023

In this post, we will see how to use multithreading in Python, following the posts that I created for C#.How we know, multithreading is a programming technique that allows multiple threads of execution to run concurrently within a single process. Each thread can perform a different task or execute a different portion of code, and… Read More »

C# – Stopwatch

By | 05/04/2023

In this post, we will see what StopWatch is and how we can use it.But first of all, what is StopWatch?The Stopwatch class is a high-resolution timer provided by the .NET Framework, designed to measure the elapsed time for an operation or a block of code. It’s part of the System.Diagnostics namespace and offers greater… Read More »

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