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Linux – Commands (Part II)

By | 12/10/2022

Linux – Commands (Part I) SEARCH TEXT IN A FILE grep: it searches for patterns in each file and prints each line that matches a pattern: With the option -i it will ignore case distinctions: With the option -R it will search all files under each directory, recursively: MISCELLANEOUS history: it will list up to 500 previously executed commands:… Read More »

Linux – Commands (Part I)

By | 11/05/2022

MANAGE DIRECTORIES pwd: print name of current/working directory ls: list directory contents mkdir ‘directory name’: make directories mkdir -p ‘directories names’: make parent directories as needed rmdir: remove empty directory rmdir -p ‘name of directories’: remove directory and its ancestors rm -rf: remove a directory not empty MANAGE FILES file: determine file type touch ‘file… Read More »