Linux – How to create a Linux VM on Windows 11

By | 11/01/2023

In this post, we will see how to create a Linux Virtual Machine on Windows 11, using Hyper-V.

First of all, we have to enable Hyper-V Manager.
In order to do this, we open Windows Features:

We check the “Hyper-V” features:

Then, we restart Windows:

Finally, we download the latest version of Ubuntu from the web site:

Now, we are ready to create the virtual machine.

Open Hyper-V Manager:

Select the option “New -> Virtual Machine…”:

Enter the machine name:

Choose the virtual machine’s generation:

Enter the virtual machine’s memory:

Choose the connection:

Create a virtual hard disk:

Choose where system can find the operating system to install:

Create the virtual machine:

We have done and now, we can run the virtual machine and install Linux.

Select the virtual machine and click on ‘Start’:

Install Linux:

After the Linux installation, if we run the virtual machine, this will be the result:

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