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Node.js – How to connect to MySQL

By | 04/03/2020

In this post, we will see how to connect a Node application with the MySQL Db called “DbManagerUser”, created in the post: MySQL – How to create a DB. First of all, we open Visual Studio Code, we open a terminal and we install the MySQL Module, using the command npm install mysqlThen, we create an… Read More »

Node.js – How to use pipe()

By | 07/01/2020

In this post, we will see how pipe works and how we can use it. First of all, what is a pipe?The pipe() function reads data from a readable stream as it becomes available and writes it to a destination writable stream.In the previous post Node.js – Streams, we have read a file and we… Read More »

Node.js – Streams

By | 27/11/2019

From internet:“Streams are a way to handle reading/writing files, network communications, or any kind of end-to-end information exchange in an efficient way.What makes streams unique, is that instead of a program reading a file into memory all at once like in the traditional way, streams read chunks of data piece by piece, processing its content without keeping… Read More »