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Angular – How to Dockerize an Angular application

By | 02/06/2020

In this post, we will see how to Dockerize an Angular application and how to deploy it in Docker Hub. ANGULAR PROJECT:We start creating a new Angular project called “AngularDockerUI” with three components: ng new AngularDockerUIng g c share/menung g c share/homepageng g c pages/pagelist Finally, we install Bootstrap using the command npm install bootstrap… Read More »

Angular – How to pass values between components using query string

By | 26/02/2020

In this post, we will see how to pass data between components, using query string.We start creating a project called PassData and installing Angular Material as well:ng new PassDatang add @angular/material Then, we create three components called “Page1”, “Page2” and “Page3”:ng g c Pages/Page1ng g c Pages/Page2ng g c Pages/Page3 Finally, we create an entity… Read More »

Angular – Template-drive Forms

By | 30/10/2019

Angular – Reactive Forms In this post, we will see how to define a Form, using Template-drive forms approach, for creating new users in our usual angular project.First of all, we create another component called newusertd and then, we will add it in app-routing and topmenu: ng g c newusertd [APP-ROUTING.MODULES.TS] [TOPMENU.COMPONENT.HTML] Now, in order… Read More »