About me

From my LinkedIn profile:
Twenty-six years of experience in IT.
Full stack Software Engineer.
Solution Architect for web application on premises and cloud (Azure Solution Architect).
Team Leader and Scrum Master in small and medium size team.
iOS Developer and enthusiast of mobile.”.

My name is Damiano and I come from Rome (Italy).
I have been working in London since April 2017 and I can say that it has been an incredible experience.
I worked for more two years in Eversholtrail as Software Engineer, for more two years in Castle Trust Bank as Senior Software Engineer and now, I am working in Deltatre as Senior Software Engineer.

I am passionate of everything that is “code” and I like learning all latest technologies for web, mobile, db, cloud and so on….. I don’t have limits and prejudices.
In this blog I will write everything I consider interesting and that could be useful study in deep.