About me

From my LinkedIn profile:
As a Senior Software Developer with over 28 years of experience, I specialize in the design, development and management of enterprise software solutions.
As a Solution Architect, I was responsible for creating robust, scalable and innovative solutions for complex projects.
My experience has allowed me to lead diversified teams, always managing to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget, trying to achieve customer satisfaction and above all the people on my team.
As a Team Leader, I am skilled at promoting a collaborative and inclusive team environment. Furthermore, I use Agile methodologies (I am a certified Scrum Master) to improve team productivity and deliver high quality software. My leadership style focuses on mentorship, continuous learning, and enabling team members to reach their full potential.”

My name is Damiano and I was born in Rome (Italy).
Currently, I live in The Netherlands and I work in Eurosort as Senior Software Engineer.

I am passionate of everything that is “code” and I like learning all latest technologies for web, mobile, database, cloud and so on….. I don’t have limits and prejudices.
In this blog I will write everything I consider interesting and that could be useful to explore further.