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Minimal APIs – Clean Architecture

By | 05/06/2024

In this post, we will see how to implement Clean Architecture with .NET Core Minimal APIs, enabling us to build applications that are both efficient and easy to maintain.But first of all, what is the Clear Architecture?Clean Architecture, proposed by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), is a design philosophy that emphasizes the separation of concerns… Read More »

Minimal APIs – Pagination with Caching

By | 01/05/2024

When building REST APIs, pagination is a crucial feature for handling large datasets efficiently.In this post, we’ll explore two different approaches to implement pagination with caching in a C# Minimal API. Obviously, we will use the same project used in all Minimal APIs’ posts.Before to see the two implementations, we have to modify the method LoadDefaultValuesDB,… Read More »

Minimal APIs – Serilog

By | 07/02/2024

In this post, we will see how to use Serilog in our Minimal APIs projects.Serilog is a diagnostic logging library fro .NET applications and we have seen it in the post:C# – Serilog.The Minimal API project that we are going to use here, is the project that we have used in all previous Minimal APIs’… Read More »