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Go – Custom Package

By | 25/10/2019

A package is nothing but a directory containing one or more Go source files.We can define two types of packages: executable package and utility package. An executable package is the main application that we will be running. A utility package is not self-executable, instead, it enhances the functionality of an executable package by providing utility… Read More »

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Go – Variables, constants and functions

By | 21/10/2019

In this post, we will see how to declare and use variables, constants and functions in Go. VARIABLESWe open Visual Studio Code, go the directory users\go and into the folder src we create a directory called Test1. Here, we create a file called main.go: For running the application, we could use the command go run… Read More »

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Go – Introduction

By | 27/09/2019

In this post, we will see what Go is and what we have to install, in order to use it.First of all, what is Go?Go (known as Golang too) is a programming language created by Google about 10 years ago.It is an open source project that is distributed under a BSD-style license to make programmers… Read More »

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