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Python – Tuple

By | 13/09/2019

A tuple is a collection of immutable objects, separated by commas.In this post, we will see how to manage Tuples in Python. CREATE A TUPLE CONCATENATION NESTING GET VALUES DELETE A TUPLE UPDATE TUPLE IN ACTION

Python – Classes

By | 23/08/2019

In this post, we will see how to define a Class from scratch and how to inherit from an existing in Python. DEFINE A CLASS Define a Class called Person: Now, we create a Python script, where we will use the class Person: [TEST2.PT] If we run the program, this will be the result: INHERIT… Read More »


By | 08/08/2019

Python is a popular programming language used for web development, system scripting, machine learning, Data Analysis and so on.It’s available for many platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac and from the official web site it’s possible to download all releases.The latest version is the 3 and, we can use many editor to write… Read More »