Design Patterns – Repository and Unit of Work

By | 03/12/2019

From Microsoft Web Site:“The repository and unit of work patterns are intended to create an abstraction layer between the data access layer and the business logic layer of an application. Implementing these patterns can help insulate your application from changes in the data store and can facilitate automated unit testing or test-driven development (TDD)“. In… Read More »

Node.js – Streams

By | 27/11/2019

From internet:“Streams are a way to handle reading/writing files, network communications, or any kind of end-to-end information exchange in an efficient way.What makes streams unique, is that instead of a program reading a file into memory all at once like in the traditional way, streams read chunks of data piece by piece, processing its content without keeping… Read More »

SwiftUI – Detail View

By | 18/11/2019

SwiftUI – Master and Detail In this post, we will see how to create and use a Detail View in a List.A Detail View is nothing but a Swift file where, we can define the style and what we want to display in a List. Let’s start by taking the code used in the file… Read More »

Azure – How to save a Log file into a Blob Storage

By | 13/11/2019

From Microsoft Web Site: “Azure Storage is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Azure Storage offers a massively scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, and a NoSQL store.Azure Storage includes these data services:Azure Blobs: A massively scalable object store… Read More »